Monday, 29 June 2009


Hmph. Am somewhat grumpy as LB just turned me upside down to look at my bottom. I mean, wouldn't you be somewhat indignant if someone turned you upside down and looked at your bottom? Even if (especially!) your digestive system wasn't behaving properly. LB tells me it's 35 degrees (don't ask me what that is in Fahrenheit!!) and there are flies about, so she wanted to check. Pfft! (As she would say.)

It's been a week now since we were reunited of course, myself in the care of LB's parents (her mother calls me their 'grandrabbit' - haha). It did mean I got a week on the grass at my holiday hutch. Was most glad to get back to my lovely two storey though. One wants to hop and jump frequently.

I was so pleased to see SB and LB that despite being late for a feed, when they came out to see me I went all floppy and let them have as much time as they liked stroking me. I can be so soppy you wouldn't believe. But on my terms, I might add.

I put up with that food delay, but yesterday LB was on her way to feed me when she got distracted by a whole flock of long-tailed tits in the tree - and proceeded to sit. down. and. watch. them. - while I was waiting for my dinner. Tch! Humans.


  1. You should withhold the floppiness until service improves!

  2. Birds over Bunnies??? Gahhhh...

  3. hi! we made a video about bunny care:


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