Tuesday, 26 May 2009

I'm a Movie Star!!!

Heh! LB has finally got round to uploading stuff from her phone...so here is a video of ME!!! LB was a bit embarrassed about her chortling and snuffling and snorting behind the camera but she'll get over it. The grunt you hear at the beginning is mine, by the way - I love a good grunt and snort session. LB says some rabbits do it when they're cross, but I do it when I'm curious, excited, waiting for my dinner, wanting some attention...there's nothing I can't use a grunt for.

LB also says you may not want to watch over 2 minutes of me, but I think that's simply ridiculous. She thought it would be funny to add hip hop over the top, but I soon told her what I thought of that...Also she wants you to excuse her fingers as it was her first time with such a small thing to film with...when is she going to be quiet?!!

Hopefully you'll see me here...

Of course, you should see me do a few laps around the lounge. I can really go!


  1. Vogue applauds you for doing your own thing, but warns you that overexuberance can lead to the paparazzi following you everywhere.

  2. U look handsome and glamorous. Yes u're superstar-bun!!

  3. I can't seem to load your video, Charlie :( but I bet you were a star in it, as you always are!


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