Sunday, 12 April 2009

introducing ME

Hello, and welcome to my new blog. I must say I'm very excited to enter blog-land... I'd better introduce myself, for those of you who don't know my highly lovable (and everso modest) self.

My name is Charlie, and I'm a rabbit. I'm a black and white with-a-hint-of-ginger Dwarf Lop. I live, as it says in my profile, with two humans - here I shall refer to them as LB and SB. LB is the female of the pair, with long blond hair, and SB is the male with short brown hair. We live together fairly amicably, as long as they obey the rules.

I'm not a lap lover. I enjoy a good nose snuzzle and stroke-fest, but on my terms, thank you very much. Putting me on your lap and not letting me get off will annoy me no end. I'll start tugging your clothes and headbutting you in indignation. You have been warned. On rare occasions I will hop onto LB's lap voluntarily, as I know it pleases her no end, and you have to keep them happy - after all, you have to give and take a little.

I live in a two storey house ('double decker hutch' in humanese) with my own staircase (the humans call it a ramp - hmph!). I have my own run as well, and a tunnel-type-thing which I chose not to use for a while, as it kind of starts to roll while I'm in it, which was a bit off putting at first. Still, I do now scamper through it occasionally. Very good for jumping over and head butting. I also like to give it good old chin rub. Everything is best when it smells of me. Including any shoes and slippers I happen to come across.

There is, I'm told, a fish here as well. I have never seen him, however. He lives upstairs and the only time I go upstairs is when LB puts me in the bathroom sink and inexplicably submerges my rear end in water, of all things!! At least she checks the temperature is moderate...1

I love to eat. Broccoli and carrot are my favourites. Dandelion leaves are rather tasty, too. I pay a lot of attention to my coat and often groom myself in my spare time. Sunbathing is also very pleasant (and if it's too hot, I'll roll happily about in a shady spot).

I intend to post lots of pictures of myself here, so that you can admire me. I do have a bit of a problem with my face these days, where one side is a bit scrunched up. The Vet has poked and prodded and can't find any reason thus far; she suggested a bit of palsy. I don't take well to implements being poked around in my mouth. I got so fed up at one point I simply bit down on the thing, hard, and the Vet had to ask me to let go. I did, since I didn't see any good reason to prolong the experience. But I managed to express my distaste, nonetheless.

Well, perhaps that's enough for now. LB has told me firmly that I shouldn't expect her to be my secretary every day. And don't think I don't know what she said about my spelling and typing skills!

I mean - really!

1Note from LB: Charlie has some digestive troubles which lead to an occasional 'sticky bottom' problem. The last few months he's been on pro-biotics which have improved things a lot, but I still bathe him occasionally, especially in summer, because of the dangers of fly strike.


  1. Oh, Charlie, you are a handsome rabbit! Looking forward to hearing more about you!

    I used to have a Dutch named Butterscotch. I didn't want to name a pet after a food product, but she was exactly that color. She had quite a personality, which i hear from you as well.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Welcome to the blogosphere, Charlie! I think you're adorable. Just remember to keep letting your humans think they own you - they're so much easier to control that way. :-)

    Looking forward to hearing about your many adventures...when LB has the time to type them up for you, of course.

  3. Ah, we see you finally got LB to do your bidding. A very own blog of your own, awesome! And we think that scrunched-up face adds a whole lot of character!

  4. Charlie, you are adorable! I love your blog and will visit often!


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