Tuesday, 28 April 2009

breakfast delays

So here's the thing. Here I am, waiting for my breakfast, getting all excited ( as you do). LB dutifully goes up to the garage to get my breakfast and my hay - but both on the way and the way back she pauses at the top of the steps. Apparently there is a lady blackbird sitting on her nest in the middle of the cotoneaster (LB added that bit, I wouldn't have a clue). There's a good view of her, apparently, from the top step.

What I want to know is - why can't she stop and look after she's served me breakfast?


  1. Because we humans are easily distracted sometimes. Obviously, our brains are inferior. :-)

  2. hmmmm - you have some training to do with this human.

  3. A bird?? Service gets disrupted because of a bird??? Unacceptable!!


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