Monday, 11 May 2009

oo's a widgy woogy then?

Lately when LB brings me food she gets right down on my level first and makes a real fuss of me, snuzzling my nose and cooing at me. I know I should be indignant for the food delays (today she answered the phone when about to put me in my run!!) but when she cups her hand under my chin and snuzzles my nose and strokes my ears and says weird things like 'oo's a widgy woogy then?' I go a bit...goofy.

It's all rather embarrassing.


  1. loving charlie and his blog...

  2. you are a lucky bun Charlie it sounds like you have a very good 2 foot

  3. Yeh .. we know all about the cooy gooey stuff too! Just serve the food ....

  4. Aww.. admit it, you love all that mushy attention from LB ;)


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